Chair: Clint Piper, Finance & Corporate Governance Board Member: David Mannah, AHC Marketing
Board Member: Wendy Blair, Education & Training Board Member: Paul Frasca, Sustainability Practices
Board Member: Anthony Gray, Finance & Education & Training Board Member: Sandy Chong, CEO of AHC
Board Member: Nawal Silfani, Corporate Governance Board Member: Majella Wirth, Associate Memberships

The affairs of the Council are controlled, managed by, or under the direction of the Board of Directors which can consist of up to 7 Directors. The Board represents a combination of the following representatives; salon owner/hairdresser, manufacturer/supplier, public/private RTO, media & service provider. A Board Member can serve a continuous tenure of 6 years. The AHC Board also consists of a Corporate Governance lawyer and Chartered accountant.


Our Board of Directors and the AHC are bound by our Constitution which governs a set of fundamental principles or established precedents that the AHC is run by.

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Honour Roll

The AHC would like to acknowedge the following individuals and salons for their contribution on the development of the AHC.

Anthony Wynne-Hoelscher Ruth Browne
Emilio Cataldo Peter MacDonald
Linda Woodhead Glenn Ruddle
Faye Murray Sandy Chong