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The Australian Hairdressing Council is delighted to announce that our nominated charity for 2019 is the Charlie Teo Foundation, raising much needed funds for brain cancer research.

The name of our campaign is CHARLIE’S ANGELS. The AHC has partnered with The Journal magazine and registrations to participate in the campaign are now open, encouraging salons from around Australia to join together to raise funds for this very worthy charitable cause during the month of March 2019.


With currently just under 300 salon involved nationally, this campaign is going to be huge. For a list of all salons involved, please click here


Even for those not in the medical fraternity, the name Charlie Teo is recognisable. A highly awarded teacher, philanthropist and leading neurosurgeon in demand across the globe, Charlie is famous for offering surgery to those who have been given no hope. His name is synonymous with precision, pioneering and possibilities.
“I founded the Charlie Teo Foundation because I want to shake up the way we raise funds for brain cancer research. Brain cancer kills more children in Australia than any other disease, yet the survival rate has increased just 1% over the past 30 years. Compare this with advancements made in other cancers, with survival rates increasing 20% or more. 
“For brain cancer patients and their families, these numbers are the difference between hope for the future or complete despair. We are going to change those numbers by running a low cost, lean and efficient charity and thinking outside the box to fund more innovative brain cancer research. 
“It is my dream to find a cure for brain cancer. My determination and inspiration comes from my patients. Every day they teach me extraordinary hope and courage.”

Professor Charlie Teo AM - Founder


The Charlie’s Angels fundraising month will be March 2019. We would love for all our salon members to ask their clients for a $2 gold coin donation for every service visit during the month of March. It’s not a huge ask, and with the volume of clients that visit our salons every day, we believe it’s a great way to achieve significant numbers for this cause. Naturally, any additional donations from salons or clients are very welcome in the lead up to March.
At the end of March, we would ask all salons to make a lump sum donation of their funds raised to the Charlie’s Angels bank account so that we can combine all of the donations and present these to the Charlie Teo Foundation. This will enable us to keep track of the contribution that our generous hairdressing industry members have made, the total of which will be announced by Charlie Teo himself at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards in April 2019.
Now we all know that hairdressers love to play dress up – we have years of pyjama day evidence! But in 2019 we thought we’d change it up a bit. When it comes to the Charlie’s Angels theme, you may choose to get your wings and halos out and become heavenly hairdressing angels. Alternatively, channel your favourite kickass crime fighter gal from the infamous Charlie’s Angels TV series or movie. The choice is yours! 
This is going to be a fabulous fundraising campaign and we hope that you’ll jump on board and support Charlie’s Angels with us. 
Please register your salon details below so that we can send you all of the information and collateral you’ll need in the lead up to the March campaign, such as key dates, marketing material, social media content, fundraising tips and so much more. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact the AHC office on Tel (02) 4929 6098 or email


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