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Business School with Julie Piantadosi & Mark Bouris

31 July 2022
10.00am - 5.00pm
Quest Melbourne Airport
20 Annandale Road, Melbourne Airport VIC 3045
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Business School with Julie Piantadosi & Mark Bouris

A first of its kind, BUSINESS SCHOOL conference for business owners and key management staff. If you’re going to attend any face-to-face trainings, this is the one you definitely DO NOT want to miss. Spend an entire day with two of the business industry’s HOT TOPICS Mark Bouris and Julie Piantadosi and take your leadership and business to the ultimate level. This workshop will change everything you do. This is the ultimate leadership Bootcamp master class. How to make an extra 200k in your business and have a limitless mindset so you can DO, BE or HAVE anything you want in life and in your business! Enrol today.


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