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Curl Fundamental Course By Australian Curl Academy - Sydney

21 - 22 August 2022
10.00am - 5.00pm
Shop 3, 549 Sydney Road
Seaforth NSW 2092
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Curl Fundamental Course By Australian Curl Academy - Sydney

Kimberley has been in the Hairdressing Industry for the past 2 decades and has a passion for making her clients feel incredibly valued, as well as educating other stylists. She is obsessed with all things naturally curly, so she established Yeah The Curls salon in 2019 to bring a unique approach to the care of her clients' curls. She wants every stylist to understand the fundamentals of curly hair care as she believes there is a serious lack of great information about the care and maintenance of curls in our industry. That's about to change: Kimberley is jumping at the chance to share her knowledge with you so you can understand what your curly clients are REALLY asking from you when they are in your chair! Join us for the 2 Day Curl Fundamental Course By Australian Curl Academy, where Kimberley will teach you all of her curly tricks! Day 1 starts with a Demonstration Dry Cut, Hydration and Style by Kimberley, followed by each stylist performing their own Cut, Hydration and Style on 2 live models. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. Day 2 starts with a demonstration of a different cutting technique, followed by each stylist performing the second technique on a live model. Day 2 concludes with a Q and A session with a Business of Curls so you can confidently take your new curl knowledge and services back to the salon and create a fiercely loyal clientele. If you are ready to transform your business, then this is the education session your salon needs.


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