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Curly Girl Australia - Curly Cutting and Colouring Masterclass

14 - 15 August 2022
9.00am - 4.00pm
17 Hamer Street
Kogarah Bay NSW 2217
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Curly Girl Australia - Curly Cutting and Colouring Masterclass

"Knowledge Eliminates Fear" 

This training package is a 2-day course 

Time: 9am - 4pm (both days) 

Day 1 - Hands on training in the cutting and setting using both a dolly head & live model (1 model needed) 

Day 2 - Hands on training in the colour method using dolly head Upon completion of this 2 day course you will be competent in curly hair cutting and colouring. This program describes the performance to gain the skills and knowledge required to cut/colour and set curl 1A to 4C hair, analyse facial characteristics to design and recommend shape and structure of curly hair. 

•Learning the difference in curl types and texture. 

•How each curl must be held when cutting E.g. Tension used whilst cutting and best techniques to use to achieve the required results. 

•How to create a curl 

•How to measure a curl 

•How to hydrate a curl 

•How to set the hair without frizz 

•How to refresh the set after day one. 

1.Hydrating the fringe 

2.Using a foam 

3.Plopping for sleep 

4.Using a water spray and conditioner 

5.Refresh spritz 

•High impact foil-lighting techniques for painting dimension on textured/curly hair. 

•How to dry cut hair 

•Why dry cutting 

•How to remove bulk from the hair without compromising the curl. 

•Simple yet effective colour placement with dramatic results. 

•How to achieve blondes while maintaining the integrity of the curl. 

•Section size vs. curl size—and why it matters! 

•What is the best developer to choose for different curl types? 

•Colour formulas that lift curls and texture while maintaining integrity & much much more


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