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Curly Cutting and Foiling Masterclass and Social Media Content Creation

8 - 9 May 2023
9.00am - 5.00am
17 Hamer Street
Kogarah Bay NSW 2217
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Curly Cutting and Foiling Masterclass and Social Media Content Creation

"Knowledge Eliminates Fear" This training package is a 2-day course Time: 9am - 5pm (both days) Day 1 - Hands on training in the cutting and setting using both a dolly head & live model (1 model needed) Day 2 - Hands on training in foiling & colour method using dolly head Learning how to foil curly hair using foiling technique created by Maryanne Kourouche-Finger foils -Colour application on curly hair -Foiling curls and placement -Best peroxides and techniques for curly hair -Foil placement for Pops of colour V's lived in Also Special Guest appearance on Social Media content and how to create reels. How to use hashtags Upon completion of this 2 day course you will be competent in curly hair cutting and colouring. This program describes the performance to gain the skills and knowledge required to cut/colour and set curl 1A to 4C hair, analyse facial characteristics to design and recommend shape and structure of curly hair. • Learning the difference in curl types and texture. • How each curl must be held when cutting E.g., Tension used whilst cutting and best techniques to use to achieve the required results. • How to create a curl • How to measure a curl • How to hydrate a curl • How to set the hair without frizz • How to refresh the set after day one. 1. Hydrating the hair 2. Using a gel 3. Plopping for sleep 4. Maintaining hydration 5. Refresh spritz • High impact foil-lighting techniques for painting dimension on textured/curly hair. • How to dry cut hair • Why dry cutting • How to remove bulk from the hair without compromising the curl. • Simple yet effective colour placement with dramatic results. • How to achieve blondes while maintaining the integrity of the curl. • Section size vs. curl size—and why it matters! • What is the best developer to choose for different curl types? • Colour formulas that lift curls and texture while maintaining integrity & much much more Day 2: Social Media Content Creation Session Content Creation Hashtags Insights Editing Profile Best time to post


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