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AREA Academy - EL3MENTS - Adelaide

3 April 2022
9.30am - 4.30am
Attaboy Barbershop
Adelaide SA 5033
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AREA Academy - EL3MENTS - Adelaide

“EL3MENTS” is our most well-rounded, all-inclusive one day open workshop at AREA Academy. Our goal is to share with attendees our mindset & thought process through visual demonstration & in depth explanation - showcasing a range of skills from scissor work, sectioning patterns to clipper work, texturising and styling. This session will oversee fundamental easy to adapt techniques in which we use to create various in-trend looks which are both suitable & functional to the modern male. Why is this workshop called EL3MENTS? Facilitating to each different type of learner is of the upmost importance for us, therefore all our workshops & classes will include the 3 primary elements of learning. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetics. Seeing, hearing & doing. The unique thing about this workshop is the fact that we have a one-hour lecture/role play on consultation/building a clientele. We find this part of the session to be extremely valuable in helping you to create your dream working scenario. This workshop caters to barbers & hairdressers of all skill/experience levels.


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