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Haircutting Workshop 6 'The Fringe'

4 September 2023
1.00pm - 4.00pm
61 hargrave street
Largs Bay SA 5016
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Haircutting Workshop 6 'The Fringe'

Set yourself on a path to creative haircutting with Jo Sym-Choon's hair education program.

Jo’s courses offer three levels of cutting training:

"The Arriver" Is new to the industry. In these courses you will learn 3 core haircuts that will soon become your key understanding for navigating shape around the head.

 Each of "The Arriver" sessions is designed to focus on these core haircuts. Mastering these can set you on the pathway to your architectural world of creative hair cutting.

A “Rebel” is a hairdresser who has spent over 12 months in the industry, and is slowly strengthening their understanding of the hair architecture.

Mastering these foundational haircuts sets you on the path to creative hair cutting.Set yourself on a path to creative haircutting with Jo Sym-Choon's hair education program.

The “Leader," is a qualified hairdresser that is wanting to explore cutting-edge haircutting techniques that are currently in demand. These techniques will not only enhance your skillset but also strengthen your ability to create modern and fashionable hairstyles. By mastering these trend-focused techniques, you will be equipped to deliver exceptional results to your clients and stay ahead of the ever-changing industry.

-    This program is designed to help you master core techniques and sectioning patterns.

-    Systematically progress through each or chose the ones that suit your needs.

-    The investment for each 3-hour session is $300, which includes your mannequin.

-    Book all 4 Arrival sessions for $850

-    Book all 4 Rebel or Leader for $995

The Fringe

Join Jo in this workshop dedicated to taking out the fear of creating amazing face-framing fringes. Whether you're going for a short and bold statement or a soft and subtle touch, fringes have the power to transform a hairstyle and enhance the overall look of your clients.

In this workshop, we will explore the versatility of fringes and teach you the techniques to create different styles that suit various face shapes and client preferences. From shorter, more dramatic fringes to longer, softer ones, you will learn how to customize the perfect fringe for each individual.

Mastering the art of creating fringes requires precision and understanding of how to balance the haircut and frame the face. Our experienced instructor, Jo, will guide you through the process, sharing insider tips and tricks to achieve seamless and flattering fringes every time.


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