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Pivot Point Hairdressing Refresher Course

1997 (excl. GST)
6 May - 3 June 2024
9.30am - 4.00pm
Melbourne VIC 3000
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Pivot Point Hairdressing Refresher Course

Do you have a hairdressing qualification? Has it been a while since you’ve picked up tools? Do you want to get back into it but feel you need a refresher? Then this is the short course for you. Open only to qualified hairdressers, our 5 day refresher course is designed to have you feeling confident and equipped to delight clients and build your business, or step back into the salon. The Pivot Point Hairdressing Refresher Course focuses primarily on building your haircutting skills. Cutting is the foundation of what we do, and the right haircut creates the perfect canvas for colour and styling work. We start with the Pivot Point method of cutting, which is a reliable framework that you can use on every client to ensure a predictable outcome and style that is suited to your client. We share the haircutting and styling techniques that allow you to recreate the looks today’s clients are seeking with ease. Our class size is kept small to ensure you have time to work through each practical exercise, ask questions and leave feeling confident in your new skills. Each day consists of hands-on cutting and styling workshops, where you are able to put your new skills into practice. Post course video access and take home mannequins ensure that you can continue to build and develop your skills after the course ends.


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