Julie Cross Live - Mackay

27 April 2022
6.15pm - 8.30pm
Ocean International
1 Bridge Rd, South Mackay QLD 4740
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Julie Cross Live - Mackay

Does your team need re-energising, empowering, inspiring and resetting? 

JULIE CROSS LIVE!  Empowering... Energising and Entertaining!

Yes, time to get out of the Zoom Room!




Yes, no waiting for the pandemic to ping off, covid to clear, delta to disappear, omicron to be gone… we are going to muscle up and make the most of the moments we have, finding lightness and laughter in the mess and mayhem and deciding the time in ‘NOW’ to live our best life, give our best service and achieve our goals…doing the best we can with the gifts we have.

A night of inspirational entertainment and that will leave you feeling empowered and energised!

There will be some of the old stories... some of the new stories, there will be strategies that you can take away and apply immediately to shift your energy, lift your performance, enhance your relationships and add value to your workplace.

Bring your team, and bring your friends, because everybody always leaves wishing they had invited somebody else!

You will be entertained… you will laugh, you will be challenged, and you will have many moments that you see yourself in, you will be taken on a lively, feeling, thinking, soul nurturing and sometimes confronting journey that will rouse your senses, stir your emotions, contribute to your mental and emotional wellbeing and challenge you to take action.


JULIE CROSS… Julie has a background in the hairdressing Industry and today she is one of the most inspiring keynote speakers in Australia. She is a masterful storyteller and inspiring change maker, combining powerful insights into human behaviour with practical strategies that leaves audiences with powerful tools for living their best life, and setting a higher standard in all aspects of their existence. Julie connects the information in our heads with the inspiration in our hearts.

She is an adventure seeker, an author, a mother and one of the industry’s most sought-after speakers thanks to her unique style and commitment to empowering her audiences. Her speaking business growth over 25 years is due to referrals, an indication of her huge impact on her audience. And while her business grew her personal life has offered many immense challenges and opportunities for growth. It is this ‘real life’ experience that forms a foundation of an authentic and relatable message – one that only Julie could deliver.

What others have said...

'Thank you Julie, after hearing you, it was the first time I realised that I could control how I responded to the world and that I could choose the path that I wanted, and not the path my anxiety dictated. I’m still on that journey and fight my anxiety every day. But when things get on top of me, I get out your CD or read your book. Thank you for being a constant inspiration to me.’ Melissa Gempton


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