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Powerful Performance Appraisals with Kym Krey

20 November 2023
10.00am - 11.30am
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Powerful Performance Appraisals with Kym Krey

How Do you Conduct A Performance Appraisal? 

Learn how at ‘Powerful Performance Appraisals: The Key To Employee Development’ virtual masterclass! 

Are your staff performing well below expected levels, but you don’t know how to approach the conversation?

 Do you have staff with ‘good potential’ that you really need to get firing? 

Great performance appraisals are the ultimate tool in any Manager’s toolkit to grow and develop their team members and ‘smooth off those rough edges’ but they’re very rarely done well. 

Learn how to plan, prepare and deliver positive and effective performance conversations to truly elevate your staff’s results and get them excited, focused and on-target! This masterclass is a must for forward-thinking business owners and managers who truly want to support their teams to success. 

This transformative program will equip you with the skills and insights needed to supercharge your team's performance and you’ll receive my signature appraisal templates to use in your business! Discover the secrets to conducting meaningful and constructive performance appraisals that drive real results and inspire growth.


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