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Sydney Boot Camp Rebooted | 4 Day Hands-On Workshop

22 August - 20 September 2021
10.00am - 4.00am
Wildlife Hair
20 Alfred Street, Milsons Road NSW 2061
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Sydney Boot Camp Rebooted | 4 Day Hands-On Workshop

Want to elevate your styling game to something out of this world? Then there really is only one person that comes to mind when you think of the top global long hair specialists – the person that celebrity stylists turn to for training when they have an Oscars client waiting in the wings – and that stylist is Sharon Blain. Learn from her up close and personal in her ALL NEW BOOT CAMP, REBOOTED! THIS IS AN AWARD-WINNING CLASS LIKE NO OTHER This multi award winning hair styling class is the only type available world-wide. Pre-Covid, Boot Camp was conducted in 12 different countries, attracting thousands of hairdressers globally. Filled with success stories; students have gone on to win global awards, top bridal and makeup artists have made names for themselves in the highly competitive industry and leading international platform educators, Hollywood stylists and top American TV celebrity hairdressers have experienced the Boot Camp phenomenon….and now you can too! WHAT IS BOOT CAMP? Imagine a floor covered with LEGO pieces. Each LEGO piece represents a TECHNIQUE, a STYLING TIP, a NEW SKILLS, a HAIR TRICK, a PRODUCT. Your learning with Boot Camp begins with the LEGO on the floor and over four, long, crazy intensive, non-stop days at Boot Camp, you will be building hair masterpieces you have only ever dreamed of. Boot Camp helps you understand the best pieces required to grow strong styling skills. As the techniques are mastered and your skills grow, you will become THE artist, a MASTER with great confidence and creativity. This is what Boot Camp is all about. This is priceless learning information. NOW… BOOT CAMP HAS BEEN REBOOTED! The all new Boot Camp is being offered in Sydney, with an exciting innovated program. This class will be offered over two sessions broken down over two separate weeks, one month apart. This will allow the time for you to practice and perfect the techniques learnt. Please see dates listed below. SO, WHY HAS BOOT CAMP BEEN REBOOTED? Sharon Blain wanted to create a course to meet the demand of on-trend contemporary looks in the market. She wanted hairdressers and makeup artists with limited hairstyling ability to advance their skills in styling hair with confidence and ease. Boot Camp Rebooted will teach you the correct foundational skills and current techniques necessary to produce stunning long hair results. It will equip you with the underpinning knowledge of the principles of hair design that are key for styling success. WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Boot Camp Rebooted is suitable for hair stylists with a desire to advance their long hair skills. This class is also perfect for makeup artists wanting to expand their hair skills. WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? You will advance with confidence as a superior bridal stylist, leading celebrity stylist, independent hair and makeup artist or an in-demand hair influencer. DATE This class will be offered over two sessions broken down over two separate weeks, one month apart Session 1 Sunday 22 and Monday 23 August 2021 Session 2 Sunday 19 and Monday 20 September 2021 ADDRESS Wildlife Hair 20 Alfred St Milsons Point NSW 2061 (see here on Google Maps) INVESTMENT $2,879.00 plus GST Online payment plans available. See below PRICING INCLUDES ✔️Mannequin head ✔️Tool kit ✔️Workbook ✔️SBE certificate HERE ARE THE STELLAR STYLING SKILLS YOU WILL BE LEARNING… Photos and video are permitted during classroom. SESSION 1 Day 1 | 22nd August 2021 Lecture: best products, tools, hot tips, techniques, hair science and the building blocks BLOW-DRYING SKILLS | PRACTICAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOP 1.Short hair textured curl 2.Bouncy blow dry 3.Twist blow dry 4.Perfect straight blow dry Day 2 | 23rd August 2021 SETTING AND TONG SETTING | DEMONSTRATION - LOOK AND LEARN 1.Big volume set 2.Beach tong set 3.Rag set PRACTICAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOP 1.Glamour wave tong set 2.Flat pancake waves 3.GHD Curls 4.Alternative reverse tong curls 5.Elastic texture set 6.Dry Pin curl waves 7.Wave clip application SESSION 2 Day 3 | 19th September 2021 BRAIDS | PRACTICAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOP 1.Three strand braid 2.Fishtail braid 3.Rope braid 4.Single twist 5.Waterfall braid 6.Scalp braid PONY TAIL | PRACTICAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOP 1.Perfect Runway pony tail 2.Curly ponytail with soft texture Day 4 | 20th September LONG HAIR DRESSING | PRACTICAL HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS 1.Classic Audrey chignon 2.French roll with texture 3.Sleek polished ballet bun 4.Loose texture bun 5.Soft textured up-do


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