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Tigi Australia

Level 17, 2 Park St, Sydney, NSW 2000


At TIGI, our business is “By Hairdressers, For Hairdressers”. Fundamentally, the hairdresser is the beating heart behind everything we do.

Our philosophy is based on a vision to keep the art of hairdressing fresh and dynamic, constantly pushing boundaries and realising new realms of creativity through world-class education. We believe in breaking the rules to exceed our imaginative limitations, looking to the future for inspiration but always with reflection on where we have come from. As Anthony Mascolo, TIGI’s International Creative Director and Founder says: “What’s new today, is old tomorrow.”

TIGI‘s professional hair care products are crucial to realising our philosophy and are born out of the necessity to offer the best collection of tools to realise our clients’ best work and fulfil their customers’ desires. In addition, we support our salons through excellence in retail training with comprehensive product knowledge and optimised merchandising for individual salon needs. This ensures you never miss an opportunity to provide your clients’ with the best hair they could ever wish for both in salon and at home.

Underpinning our brand essence is our dedication to ensuring we are nurturing the next generation of hairdressing stars. Our education courses offer content based on the collective knowledge and experience from leading international hair industry icons that have devoted their lives to the TIGI brand and the up skilling of its salon community. TIGI proudly boasts this commitment to quality education as our leading point of difference in the hair care market.


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Level 17, 2 Park St
Sydney, NSW 2000
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