H.A.I.R. is the Hairdressing Australia Industry Register.

It exists to recognise and publicly promote individuals who are qualified and professional hairdressers working in compliant business structures.

The creation of H.A.I.R. was in direct response to industry feedback of more than 1800 industry members. 95% of those surveyed believed that the Australian hairdressing industry SHOULD be registered in order to protect it's reputation and integrity and safeguard consumers from unqualified hair practitioners that do not meet industry standards.


  1. Access your digital I.D
    Are you a qualified hairdresser, working in a compliant business? Give your customers and employer confidence in your skills and qualifications – register now and receive your industry approved digital I.D.

  2. Membership is tax deductible
    Your membership is tax deductible and works out at just $5.75 per month. Membership fees are direct debited annually.

  3. We promote you online so clients and employers can find you
    We use the funds raised from H.A.I.R. memberships to support qualified hairdressers and educate consumers and employers on where they can find you.


Why was H.A.I.R. created?

Following a survey of 1800 industry members as well as high level government bureaucrats and regulators, an overwhelming 95% agreed that the Australian hairdressing industry SHOULD be registered in order to protect its reputation and integrity.

Who is it for?

H.A.I.R. is an official register that identifies individuals that are qualified, professional hairdressers working in compliant business structures.

What is the aim of H.A.I.R.?

First and foremostly, H.A.I.R. is here to help safeguard and grow the industry. Its existence allows us to:

  • professionalise the industry
  • bring qualified professionals together as a united front to make positive changes for Australian hairdressing
  • give the hairdressing industry qualification credibility
  • create a respected image for hairdressers all over Australia
  • produce national consumer awareness campaigns
  • provide consumers with a comprehensive list of qualified hairdressers around the country
  • improve industry standards
  • protect consumers from kitchen operators and unqualified individuals conducting hair services in non-compliant businesses
How much does H.A.I.R. membership cost?

Annual membership per individual is just $69. That’s only $5.75 per month! A small but significant contribution to support our fight against kitchen operators who negatively impact the hairdressing industry.

What do I get for my membership?
  • H.A.I.R. Certificate of Registration
  • Listing and promotion on the H.A.I.R. website as a registered hairdresser
  • Acknowledgement of your time in the industry
  • Benefits and discounts from associated partners
  • Access to events, functions and competitions
  • A digital ID card
  • Access to the iOS and Android H.A.I.R. App
  • Knowledge that you are joining a united front and helping to make a positive change for our industry
Does the salon register?

No. H.A.I.R. is for qualified individuals to register, not for the salon they work in to register as a group. Each hairdresser needs to have their own individual registration. This includes salon owners.

Who can register?

Only qualified hairdressers that are still working in the industry. This includes those working for suppliers and in education, for example, as long as their role is still classified as part of the hairdressing industry.

Can I register my apprentices?

No. H.A.I.R. is designed to support those who have completed their qualification and are currently working in the industry. Once an apprentice is qualified, then they should also become a member of H.A.I.R.

I’m a member of the Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC). Do I need to register?

Yes. The AHC is a separate body to H.A.I.R. AHC memberships are business orientated, such as a Salon Select Membership. Since H.A.I.R. is for the qualified hairdresser, you will need to register as an individual.

What do I need to provide to prove that I’m a qualified hairdresser?

In addition to some basic contact information, the sign-up form will ask you to provide the name and contact details of your employer (if you are an employee) or the name of a qualified hairdresser who can verify your qualifications (if you are an employer or sole trader). Once we authorise with them that they and you are qualified hairdressers, then your membership is confirmed. It’s that simple. 

Who pays the H.A.I.R. registration? Staff or owner?

Either. Originally, H.A.I.R. was designed for the hairdresser to pay, but we have been surprised at the number of owners who want to pay for their staff due to their belief in this project and also the strength of the marketing that can be provided by having a team of H.A.I.R. registered staff.

I have forgotten my H.A.I.R. registration code - how can I retrieve it?

Please contact Head Office on Tel: (02) 4929 6098 or email

More questions?

Feel free to contact us on (02) 4929 6098 or email

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