Hairdressers 4 Health

Help us to engage women over the age of 45 years to improve their health. Make a difference to women's health while they visit your salon in NSW.

Women take part online whilst having their hair done. Salons are reimbursed for their time $25 per woman enrolled.



We are looking for 120 New South Wales salons to join the Hairdressers 4 Women's Health Study! Not only will you be supporting women's health, you will also be paid for each woman from your salon that enrols in the program. 

So what is it about? The George Institute is a leading independent global medical research institute focused on the world's biggest health challenges. It conducts research and identifies practical approaches towards better treatments, better care, and healthier societies. 

The George Institute has approached the AHC for assistance inviting 120 NSW salons to participate in its Hairdressers 4 Women's Health program. This is a study for women aged 45 years and older around the subject of women's health. Undertaken in hairdressing salons in NSW, this simple study can be done online whilst women are having their hair done. Not only will it help engage women to improve their health whilst visiting your salon, you will also be reimbursed $25 for each woman who enrols in the program. With a maximum of 27 women ideally participating per salon, that could be $675 for you! 

We hope you are able to help - we only need 120 salons to participate. 

For further information on the study and benefits for your salon staff and clients, contact Ms Kellie Nallaiah, Project Manager, via this email - hairdressers4health@georgeinstitute.org

Thank you!

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