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Matrix debuts 2021 rebrand

In major product news for the professional hair industry, renowned brand Matrix has debuted a rebranding, repositioning the whole product line in its look and feel and overhauling its offering as anchored by a 40 year legacy.

The unique rebrand paves an important path in professional hair care and colour. Matrix’s 2021 mission is to become the most inclusive company in the professional industry, with every aspect of the brand reflecting this rainbow value in aesthetic and belief. The community will aim to welcome everyone with initiatives including accessible education for every hairdresser, business support, important innovation and relevant price point for consumers.

Continuing their consistent efforts to be uplifting and assisting with simple solutions for complex hair styles, the rebrand takes these determinations further, building on the brand’s user-friendly products that aid in care and style and offering techniques that embolden style, cut and colour with confidence. More broadly, their community is key to this welcoming mantra, operating with support and optimism.

The new brand look and feel merges a modern approach with their iconic brand roots. Showcasing a nod to the original Matrix created by Arnie Miller in he brand icon, the product range’s refresh covers the full colour spectrum. With this icon and more broadly, the brand is reclaiming their status as a company built for and by hairdressers, that uplifts each other to reach our communal dreams.

With a playful and bold typeface and a minimal and unified overall aesthetic, the visual presentation is overall uncomplicated even as it combines so many facets of the past and future of the brand. The new brand imagery presents a joyful bright exposition of colour, fully embodying the rainbow mantra.

Also new to 2021 will be unseen innovative technology that fully realises the promise of progression made in the relaunch. The brand is committed to supporting every hairdresser to think, dare, dream and believe, while also promoting an environment where everyone is welcome.

For more information visit www.matrixprofessional.com.au


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