All you need to know about pay rates and changes to the Hair and Beauty Industry Award!

Stay up to date and ensure that you're paying your staff correctly!

Please find attached the wage tables and allowances for the Hair and Beauty Industry Award which come into effect from the first full pay period after 1 July 2017... Read on and stay in the loop!

Don't find yourself behind the times. Are you paying your staff correctly?

Pay rates change from 1 July each year. As a salon owner, it is imperative for you to be aware of these changes and to ensure that your staff are being paid correctly. 

Attached below are the Wage Tables and Allowances for the Hair and Beauty Industry Award, which are to come into effect from 1 July 2017. Click on the below images to download PDF copies of each for your records and reference in the coming financial year!

PS. Having trouble with the attached PDFs? You can also access the changes in the Resource Library HERE




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