Are you a proud member of the AHC?

Are you Proud to be AHC Salon Select? Well you should be…and we are certainly proud of YOU for achieving your AHC Red, Silver, Green or Gold accreditation. It takes a lot of effort on all levels of your business to meet the standards required to become AHC accredited, so we want to make sure that you are getting the best return on investment for your AHC membership by communicating your Salon Select status to everyone who comes into contact with your business, either in person or online.

Recent figures from the Australian Taxation Office revealed that there has been an additional 15,000 hair and beauty businesses register ABNs from 2017 to 2018. Of the 111,000 hair and beauty businesses in Australia, more than half are not registered for GST. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Now more than ever, it’s important to promote that you are a sound and compliant business to your local community.

And don’t just say it once – look for as many opportunities as you can to let people know you are AHC Salon Select. Accreditation from an industry association says that you are a reputable and quality salon.
Here are some ways that you can showcase your AHC Salon Select accreditation to your community:
# Proudly display your Red, Silver, Green or Gold decal sticker on the window at the entrance to your salon to show clients and prospective clients that you are a member of the Australian Hairdressing Council.
# Download your AHC Salon Select logo from the AHC website and use it on all of your marketing and client communications, your website, social media platforms, client consultation card, refreshment menu etc…basically ANYTHING that your client sees.
# Explain the value that your Red, Silver, Green or Gold accreditation gives to clients on your website, any marketing material your clients might see and regularly repeat this message on social media posts. You could also use this information to send out to your clients on an EDM or email newsletter.
Stuck for ideas about what sort of wording to use? Here are some suggestions:

For general use or Red Salon Select members:

Salon Select Accreditation is an accreditation awarded by the Australian Hairdressing Council for excellence in business and customer service standards, which means that our clients can enjoy peace of mind in knowing that they’ll receive high quality salon services as well as clean and hygienic conditions, and professional stylists who can understand just what they need.

For Silver Salon Select members:

(NAME OF SALON) provides a professional standard of salon presentation, client service, employment standards and training and marketing recognised by the Australian Hairdressing Council, and has been awarded SILVER Salon Select Accreditation.

For Gold Salon Select members:

(NAME OF SALON) is an Australian Hairdressing Council accredited GOLD Salon Select member in recognition of exceptional client service, professional salon presentation, fair employment practices, training to the highest level, comprehensive business structure, ethical and creative marketing and promotion, environmental sustainability and the highest standards of business ethics.

For Green Salon Select members:

(NAME OF SALON) has been accredited by the Australian Hairdressing Council as GREEN Salon Select in recognition of its eco-friendly and sustainable business practices and commitment to the environment.

You might also like to include the Four AHC Pillars that make up our Mission Statement to show that you are a proud members of the Australian Hairdressing Council. Here are some words that describe what the AHC is about along with the four pillars that you can use on marketing communications and even your website:
The Australian Hairdressing Council (AHC) is the national voice that connects hairdressing professionals, educators and suppliers. Together we elevate industry standards, reputation and image to create a better future.
The Australian Hairdressing Council sets standards for salons and Registered Training Organisations and represents the professional hairdressing industry nationally. Its members are accredited salons, product companies, RTOs and associated industry members who have united to ensure that operational standards are high, career interest and recruitment improves, and the Federal Government recognises and responds to unique industry issues.
EDUCATE…Raising Industry Standards
Elevating the hair industry’s reputation, credibility and image.
CONNECT…Connecting People
Uniting our Industry. Together.
INFORM…Voice to Government
Connecting with Government bodies and representing our Members.
SUPPORT…Providing Unlimited Employment & HR Advice
Our members have immediate and limitless access to our specialised HR lawyers for staffing advice.
Please send us any photos or interesting ways that you are showcasing your AHC Salon Select membership to your community. We love hearing from our members and we are so happy to promote your business, however we can’t do that without hearing from you first! Please email Jenny Burns with your ideas.
Any questions, as always please be in touch by contacting us on Tel (02) 4929 6098 or email


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