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ShortcutsPay Zero Cost EFTPOS

Talking about EFTPOS terminals isn’t the sexiest topic, we’ll admit. But talking about ways to save easy money simply by running your salon? Oh honey, we are listening!

Payments are a vital part of your business – the bread and butter if you will. Often it’s the less flashy admin stuff, like choosing the right payment solution for your salon, that can have the biggest impact to your bottom line. And we know if there’s a way you can save a bit of coin for your business (while never having to deal with painful banks and transaction fees again) then it’s something worth exploring.

So, Shortcuts has launched ShortcutsPay - an EFTPOS terminal that’s designed to cost you nothing. A 'plug in and play' solution for easy transaction processing, the ShortcutsPay terminals are easy to set up, super portable and can be used straight out of the box. You’ll have more time to spend on your clients, and more money in your back pocket. The best part? You don’t have to be a Shortcuts customer to use a ShortcutsPay terminal – anyone can benefit from it!

No business transaction fees

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and other terminal providers will charge hefty transaction fees that hit your back pocket hard. Shortcuts thinks that money is much better spent on things that will actually help you GROW your business. So put that coin back into your salon for marketing, new product lines, or staff education!

On top of that, we know delivering the perfect guest experience is important to you, so why increase the cost of your services when you can add a small surcharge instead? ShortcutsPay zero cost EFTPOS solution allows you to pass on a small surcharge to the client (like the credit card surcharges you pay at many restaurants or online shops!) and save on fees, which lets you keep your service price the same.

Surcharging not for you? No problem, you can know what your bill will be at the end of every month with a simple flat rate solution.

Improve your cash flow

There’s nothing worse than the stress of an impending bill at the end of the month adding unnecessary stress and strain on your bank account. With the zero cost terminal, you won’t need to break a sweat come end of month, since there are no bills to worry about. Instead, you’ll have easy-to-read monthly statements that show you exactly how many transactions came through your till.

Shortcuts has said see-ya to transaction fees to keep your costs down, and kept the monthly rental fee for the terminal cheaper than most other providers – by a good $10-$20! You can rent your ShortcutsPay Terminal for just $30 per month and get set up in no-time.

Oh, and did we mention that for a limited time only, you can get one whole month free off your terminal rental when you quote the code “freemonth”? Click here to learn more!

Payments made simple

ShortcutsPay super-simple and uber portable terminal allows for payments anywhere, anytime. They’re easy to set up, portable and can be used straight out of the box with inbuilt SIM cards for payments. They also accept all payment types including wearables and contactless ‘Tap & GO’ functionality – which is an essential in our Jetson’s inspired world!

The ShortcutsPay zero cost EFTPOS Terminal also saves your salon from transposition errors by fully integrating with your Shortcuts system, which means no more manually keying in payment amounts, and less risk of pesky errors that cost you money (and time).

When you go to check out a client, you can have complete confidence that the amount within Shortcuts will match the amount on the terminal. This integration will save your business hundreds in costly transposition errors, while the zero cost terminal will save on transaction fees. It’s a win-win situation!

24/7 local support

The best part about ShortcutsPay Terminal? The next level service you receive! Not only will it cut your supplier relationships in half (bye-bye terminal providers!), but you will also have the smooth sailing experience of having a single point of contact and the standard of support from Shortcuts that you know and love <3

On top of all that goodness, local support teams who have your back are irreplaceable, especially when they can help solve a chargeback dispute in a jiffy.

If you’re ready to spend less time on payments, and more time with your clients then click here to learn more about our ShortcutsPay zero cost EFTPOS terminal and how you can get one month free today!


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