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What's the difference between a trade test and a trial?

If you’re looking at expanding your team and taking on a new stylist, it makes sense to check their skills first.

When employing a new staff member, you can engage them to do a trade test for up to four hours maximum. This is unpaid. The idea is that you can check their technical skills before deciding to employ.

The test can include any skills – colour, cutting, styling, blowdrying – and for any position, with the exception of a new 1st year apprentice. During the trade test, they can only work on their own model they have brought into your business or you have provided.

They are not allowed to work in your salon doing salon duties nor work on clients. A trade test is not unpaid work experience or a trial.

A trial on the other hand is exactly that – a short period working within the salon environment as an employee on trial.

In this instance, the individual is allowed to work in your salon, undertaking duties that they would be doing if employed. It is an opportunity for you both to see if you meet each other’s expectations and they fit your salon culture.

All trials are paid and generally last up to one or two weeks.

by Jenny Burns


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