We need your voice... Help us maintain the integrity of the Australian hairdressing industry!

The ACT states that to do hairdressing you must be a hairdresser or an apprentice. If the ACT is repealed, then anyone can state that they are a hairdresser... 

We need to protect the credibility of our profession and also protect consumers from entering a salon and having someone do their hair with absolutely no qualifications what so ever.

The Australian Hairdressing Council has spoken to Daniel Newlan from the Minister Barilario's office, and they have agreed on a two weeks extension for the review of the New South Wales Hairdresser's Act…

CLICK HERE to read the Act, and make sure that you’re informed.

We are lobbying the NSW Government and we need your voice to do this. Please CLICK HERE to submit a quick survey, and have your say. 


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Help shape the future of our industry by joining H.A.I.R.

Join H.A.I.R. the Hairdressing Australia Industry Register for just $69 per year. TOGETER we can make a difference.

The creation of H.A.I.R. was in direct response to industry feedback of more than 1800 industry members. 95% of those surveyed believed that the Australian hairdressing industry SHOULD be registered in order to protect its reputation and integrity and safeguard consumers from unqualified hair practitioners that do not meet industry standards.

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