We've had a makeover... And we're feeling our new look!

There's been a lot of tears, triumphs and tech-filled conversations, but we are thrilled to announce that our brand new website has officially launched!

Whilst it's standard to go and update your look pre-Hair Expo, the AHC have gone the extra mile in 2016 and given our online space a whole new look... And it's pretty on trend, if you ask us? 

So, what's new? 

  • It's faster… Way, way faster!
  • We now accept Mastercard, Visa, Diners, and Amex payments
  • It's intuitive and easier to use. In English? Everything is exactly where you think it should be
  • You’ll be receiving a lot less email spam in regards to your membership
  • There’s direct links, taking you to information about our Foundation Members
  • It’s a fully automated site in regards to directory listing, profile listing and payments
  • It’s designed to allow the AHC to grow, and add multiple avenues of content and support to our members in the future
  • Browse on the go... We're now 100% mobile friendly!

And what about salonselect.com.au?

  • You have access to more personalisation when it comes to your Salon Select directory profile, including the option to add a full width header image ( kind of like Twitter)… Pretty schmick if you ask us!
  • The images in your gallery will be much larger, making your profile look that much more impressive.
  • You can include your salon social media icons including… Talk about a built in marketing opportunity!
  • There’s a clickable phone number link for mobile users, meaning consumers are a tap away from calling you directly.
  • The Postcode and Suburb search functions are way more accurate.



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The creation of H.A.I.R. was in direct response to industry feedback of more than 1800 industry members. 95% of those surveyed believed that the Australian hairdressing industry SHOULD be registered in order to protect its reputation and integrity and safeguard consumers from unqualified hair practitioners that do not meet industry standards.

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