Benchmarking Our Industry

The Australian Hairdressing Council invites you to be part of our Industry Benchmarking Project. This project aims to provide you with important statistical data pertaining to your salon to help you identify key areas of success and areas of improvement.

The questionnaire is included as part of your Salon Select membership and you are permitted to participate at no additional expense.

Do you really know where your salon sits compared to others in the industry?

Do you know where your wage percentage sits compared to the rest of the industry, or in your turnover bracket, or in your shop setting like a mall or strip location? Actually, do you know what the true industry percentage is?

Do you also want to know how you compare on items like:

This is where the AHC and have combined to provide all this information and more for you. 

All we require from our Salon Select members is for you to follow this link and submit your P&L and other requisite information.

Privacy and Security

Here at the AHC we understand how personal and private this information is to your business, and this is why we contracted to provide this service. As part of the security and privacy of your information only you will be able to see your personally entered data, NO other salon or even the AHC will have access to it at any time.

All other salons and the AHC will only we able to see the averages and comparison data that the reporting system will issue, so you can rest assured that your private information is still just that private. 


The AHC will be running this benchmarking every year for the next few years, to continually provide an update and current information for all our members to be able to compare as accurate as possible to the true industry averages. For you as a member, what this means is that you will be able to see how you compare against the industry by a range of criteria, for example:

and the list goes on.

Finally we as an Industry will know what is really happening in "Our" Industry.

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