IR Work Hub

The AHC IR Work Hub will keep you informed and supported in all areas of Industrial Relations.

Each AHC Salon Select Member is entitled to:
5 x 6 minutes ADVANCED Consultation Voucher per year. 

We recommend you thoroughly review the resource library articles and those in both STANDARD and ADVANCED portals to see if the answers you need are already there. If not, then proceed to submitting a contact form with the supplier of your choice.

  1. Review the Industrial Relations Library
  2. Select your Supplier: Advanced
  3. Contact the AHC
  4. Your Supplier of Choice will contact you
  5. Provide Voucher Code

After you have contacted us, the AHC will email you an IR Voucher. Your supplier will contact you to discuss your matter or arrange a time to do so. Before the telephone consultation can begin, they will ask you for your IR Voucher code.

Be sure you have this information handy. Vouchers are valid for 2 weeks and are only to be used by a current financial AHC Salon Select member. They are not transferable or redeemable for cash. The voucher must be used in the one transaction.

For further information regarding the AHC IR WORK HUB, please contact us: 
Tel: 02 49296098  or email


The AHC offers Members access to Advanced IR support from AHC accredited suppliers.

We encourage you to read about each firm and view their materials which contain a wealth of information. Select the provider you wish to use and complete the contact form. A representative from the firm will contact you to arrange the consultation. Both firms offer advice nationally.


AHC salon members are entitled to 5 x 6 minute Advanced IR consultation consultations per year. When you have submitted your contact form (see supplier page), and are confirmed eligible, you will be sent an AHC IR Voucher. You must provide this code to the consultant before the service commences.