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Federal and State

With the mix of State and Territory Governments and how they provide information, we have collated here information and the most important site links for our Members to simplify your search and ensure that you only have to look at relevant information to your location(s):

Federal Government Support and Information

State Support and Information

Support from Banks

Mental Health Support

AHC COVID Resource Library


COVID-19 TheTreasury_stacked

The Treasury

The Treasury ~ Economic Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 ato


The ATO ~ COVDI-19 Information Section

COVID-19 fairwork

The Fair Work Ombudsman

The Fair Work Ombudsman ~ Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws

NOTE: Some Western Australian businesses are under the state industrial relations system and should consult the state-based authority instead 

COVID-19 swa

Safe Work Australia

Safe Work Australia ~ COVID-19 Information for workplaces

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Centrelink - All States Disaster payments and requirements for employees


COVID-19 service-nsw

Service NSW

Service NSW ~ COVID-19 help for businesses

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Small Business Commisioner

The NSW Small Business Commissioner’s ~ COVID-19: information for small business owners

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Centrelink - NSW

Centrelink ~ New South Wales Disaster payments and requirements for employees


Storm and flood support update for stakeholders

We have prepared an updated toolkit to help you communicate important information to your communities and networks impacted by severe weather and floods.

The toolkit contains the latest information and collateral including:

  • newsletter/website copy 
  • a social tile on the Critical Producer Grant 
  • SES flood warnings, risks and preparation content 
  • translated mental health social tiles.

Supervising your apprentice or trainee videos

Video series for employers and workplace supervisors. Workplace supervisors play a vital role in coaching apprentices or trainees. They provide workplace training and ensure workplace safety.


COVID-19 VictorianGovernment_logo

Victorian Government

The Victorian Government ~ Business and work information page on the coronavirus

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Business Victoria

Business Victoria ~ Grants and program information

COVID-19 smallbusinessVICcommission

Victorian Small Business Commission

The Victorian Small Business Commission ~ Responding to coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 sfaework-vic

Work Safe Victoria

WorkSafe Victoria ~ Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Centrelink - VIC

Centrelink ~ Victoria Disaster payments and requirements for employees


Partners in Wellbeing

Free, confidential, one on one support to improve your financial, business and emotional wellbeing.

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Safe workplaces

It’s your responsibility to provide and maintain a working environment for your employees that’s safe and without risks to health, so far as is reasonably practicable. This relates to physical and mental wellbeing.

Apprentices and trainees need guidance in learning how to do their job safely and competently, and should be encouraged to raise safety concerns. Employers are responsible for the safety of their apprentices or trainees at work and must provide supervision for on-the-job training. You can do this yourself or assign the role to a qualified staff member. Make sure whoever does this understands their responsibilities.

Apprentices and trainees may be new to working life and will start off with less knowledge of safe work practices – and less capacity for risk assessment and management. You must provide them with info, training and supervision to protect them from risks to their health and safety. Start with the assumption that the apprentice or trainee has little or no understanding of the work, or the associated risks.


COVID-19 bus-qld

Business Queensland

Business Queensland ~ Coronavirus (COVID-19) business support and recovery

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Centrelink - QLD

Centrelink ~ Queensland Disaster payments and requirements for employees


Supervise your apprentice or trainee

When you take on an apprentice or trainee, you are obliged to provide a workplace supervisor, who:

  • is appropriately qualified to supervise at the right level
  • is designated to train the apprentice or trainee
  • is employed in the same workplace
  • has equal or similar working hours to your apprentice or trainee.



Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation ~ Dealing with coronavirus

COVID-19 Gov-of-WA

Government of WA

The WA Government ~ COVID-19 coronavirus: business tools and information

COVID-19 wa-mines

Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety

Department of mines, Industry Regulation and Safety ~ Employment impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus

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Apprenticeship Office

The Department of Training and Workforce Development Apprenticeship Office registers and administers training contracts and regulates the apprenticeship system in Western Australia, in accordance with Part 7 of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 (the Act), the associated Regulations, and the WA Apprenticeship and traineeship policy.


COVID-19 sa-business-information-hub

SA Business Information Hub

SA Business Information Hub ~ COVID-19 business information and support

COVID-19 sa-covid-19

SA Business

SA Business and events ~ Information page on the covid-19 support, plans, marshals and grants

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Centrelink - SA

Centrelink ~ South Australia Disaster payments and requirements for employees


Apprentices & Trainees

Appropriate and effective supervision is vital for apprentices and trainees while undertaking their qualification and employment. The supervision of apprentices and trainees is a significant responsibility for any employer so it is important that you understand your obligations under South Australian work health and safety laws. Supervision standards and ratios have changed to provide flexibility, within a determined ratio, to identify the level of supervision required, based on the skills and experience of the apprentice or trainee.

Employers are responsible for supervising and ensuring oversight and coordination of on-job training of an apprentice or trainee. On-job training must be by a skilled or qualified person in the competencies laid out in the agreed Training Plan. The work should be work relevant and appropriate to the trade or declared vocation. If an employer delegates or assigns the responsibility of supervising or providing on-job training to any staff member (or contractor), the employer must make sure they understand and adhere to the requirements of the standard.


COVID-19 tas-business

Business Tasmania

Business Tasmania ~ Coronavirus information


Information on apprenticeships/traineeships for employers

Whether you are someone looking to become an apprentice or trainee or an employer looking for a worker, here is everything you need to know about apprenticeships and traineeships in Tasmania.


COVID-19 act-BH

ACT Business Hub

ACT Business Hub ~ COVID-19 Business Support and Information 

COVID-19 act-bw

ACT Business and Work

ACT ~ Business and work

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Centrelink - ACT

Centrelink ~ Australian Capitol Territory Disaster payments and requirements for employees

Worksafe ACT

Guidance Note - Supervision of Apprentices

The supervision of Australian Apprentices and Trainees is a significant responsibility for Person’s Conducting a Business or Undertaking (PCBU) across all industries. It is important that you understand your obligations under the Australian Capital Territory work health and safety laws.

This guidance note has been developed to give employers a general overview of what level of supervision is required for Australian Apprentices and Trainees across all industries and workplaces in the ACT.


COVID-19 nt-BR

NT Business Recovery

Northern Territory ~ Business Recovery Website

COVID-19 nt-bw

NT Business and Work

Northern Territory - The Business and work information

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Centrelink - NT

Centrelink ~ Northern Territory Disaster payments and requirements for employees

Support from Banks

COVID-19 anz-logo


ANZ ~ Financial support information

COVID-19 Commonwealth-Bank-Logo-1991

Commonwealth Bank

Commonwealth Bank ~ Financial support information

COVID-19 NAB-National-Australia-Bank-logo


NAB ~ Financial support information

COVID-19 Westpac-Logo


Westpac ~ Financial support information

Mental Health Support

COVID-19 Beyond-Blue-jpeg

Beyond Blue

Beyond Blue ~ New Access for Small Business Owners 

COVID-19 biz-health

My Business Health

Looking after the health of your business

COVID-19 health

Health.gov.au Medicare Subsidies

Department of Health ~ Additional Medicare subsidised psychological therapy sessions

COVID-19 lifeline


Lifeline crisis support

Call 13 11 14


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